Club Repeaters

  • Culver, IN
    146.670 mHz
    -  .600 Offset
    131.8 pl
  • Culver, IN
    443.250 mHz
    + 5.0 Offset
    131.8 pl

Upcoming Events

  • 4th Monday at 7PM
    - Club Meeting
    - Cornerstone Church
    - Argos, IN
  • 4th Monday at 8PM
    - VE Testing
    - Cornerstone Church
    - Argos, IN


Marshall Cnty ARES Page


Weekly ARES Net on the
K9ZLQ (146.670 - 131.8pl)
Thursdays at 7:30pm (ET)

Band Conditions

 BECOME A HAM (Updated 08/01/2023 at 8:30 PM)

Marshall County Amateur Radio Club

MCARC offers licensing classes yearly.  Contact the club for current class availability.  We use literature for the classes we teach.

Finding a Class


ARRL can help you find an Amateur Radio license preparation class in your community. You can search our database for upcoming classes near you.

Multi-variable searches are not recommended. You may search by zip code and radius, but if your search doesn't produce a result, try casting a wider net. Clear your previous search and conduct a search by state/territory only, to produce a list which may provide more options for class types and locations.

Classes taught yearly here at Marshall County Amateur Radio Club!!!  Contact us for more information at:

  • 4th Monday at 8PM
    - VE Testing
    - Cornerstone Church
    - Argos, IN






Download or Print Amateur Radio Question Pools

In the US, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) offers three Amateur Radio license levels or license classes; Technician class license, General class license and Extra class license. Per FCC Rule 97.523 only one question pool may exist for each license examination level. Each question pool must contain at least 10 times the number of questions required for a single examination. The question pools are normally valid for 4 years.

Visit for questions for each level.

Ham Radio License Exam Practice

ARRL offers an online resource that allows users to take randomly generated practice exams using questions from the actual FCC examination question pool. ARRL Exam Review for Ham Radio™ is free, and users do not need to be ARRL members. The only requirement is that users must first set up a site login (this is a different and separate login from your ARRL website user registration).

ARRL Exam Review includes all of the questions for all three of the current FCC exam pools and provides different review options, so you can choose to review by chapter of the ARRL study manual or by question pool topic.  Short explanations are provided to help you understand the correct answer.  The software also provides the option to produce—and print—as many practice exams as you would like.

Register and do practice exams at:


Find an Amateur Radio License Exam in Your Area

Cornerstone Church of Argos

11525 SR 10

Argos, IN. 46501

4th Monday of the month.

7:00pm. EST. - Club Meeting

8:00pm. EST. - Testing



V.E. Coordinator:  Richard Basham (K9ILU).   or  Vice President:  Greg Haschel (W9GND). 


What to bring to the exam session:

Effective 18 April 2022, The FCC will charge $35 for each new license.  

*** Please be aware that some information about you will be made publicly available on the FCC's website, including your name, mailing address, and felony conviction status. You may use a P.O. Box if preferred. ***

FCC Privacy information:

OPTIMIZE YOUR SEARCH: The more specific the search criteria, the less information returned. Zip Code searches can use the mileage range in the drop-down menu.

Exam Candidates: You are REQUIRED to register in the FCC CORES system and receive a FCC Registration Number (FRN) before exam day. For FRN registration information, see item #4: Exam Session Requirements

Candidates could go directly to the FCC CORES User Account and Registration page:

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