Club Repeaters

  • Culver, IN
    146.670 mHz
    -  .600 Offset
    131.8 pl
  • Culver, IN
    443.250 mHz
    + 5.0 Offset
    131.8 pl

Upcoming Events

  • 4th Monday at 7PM
    - Club Meeting
    - Cornerstone Church
    - Argos, IN
  • 4th Monday at 8PM
    - VE Testing
    - Cornerstone Church
    - Argos, IN


Marshall Cnty ARES Page


Weekly ARES Net on the
K9ZLQ (146.670 - 131.8pl)
Thursdays at 7:30pm (ET)

Band Conditions

 Silent Keys (Updated 01/26/2024 at 11:39 AM)


Marshall County Amateur Radio Club - Silent Keys


Silent Key is a dignified term going back to wired telegraphy, adopted in the early days of ham radio when only Morse code was used to honor a CW operator whose key will not be heard again.  This tradition has carried over into modern times when voice, video and data have been added to the amateur radio repertoire.  Considering the prosign SK as “end of transmission,” the double meaning of SK is very fitting.


Year Member Callsign Location
2024 Hulse, Jim KD9WGJ Plymouth
2022 Nellans, Robert (Bob) K9DE Argos
2022 Boyer, Ken KD9LTL Wyatt
2022 Turner, Charles (Chuck) KC9PRJ Plymouth
2020 Schrom, Dale K9KRT Plymouth
2021 Green, Terry W9TRG Tyner
2020 Stephan, Michael (Mike) KB9MDQ Tippecanoe
1968 Mattern, Charles (Chuck) K9ZLQ Plymouth

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